Berber carpet got its name from the style of the Berber tribes of North Africa, where the rugs were hand-woven and featured bright and bold knots. The modern version is a straight looped construction with typically light backgrounds and flecks of brown and gray, and, today, these rugs are also available in solid and multi-colors. So if you are thinking about Berber-style rugs, don't hesitate to explore our carpet store.

Berbers: stylish enough for the home, strong enough for commercial facilities

Berbers are typically made from olefin (polypropylene) fiber, although you can get them in nylon and wood. Olefin is budget-friendly, strong, and suitable for heavily trafficked rooms and offices or other commercial spaces; that is because low pile rugs are easier to keep clean and more durable than high pile (long, loose fibers) rugs.

Berber benefits

1. Reasonable price without sacrificing quality. That is because of the construction, which only requires one step in the manufacturing process. All rugs begin with looped fibers sewn through the backing, with an action much like needlepoint; afterward, many other rugs become cut into piles of various sizes. Berbers skip that second step.

2. Less crushing. Crushing refers to the rug's thickness being flattening out, usually due to heavy furniture over it. Looped constructions like Berbers are less prone. The flecked background also acts as a camouflage for dirt. We're not suggesting you stop vacuuming, however, because it's like anything else: The better you take care of it, the longer it lasts.

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