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Can you have underfloor heating with carpet?

One of the most common questions about soft surfacing revolves around whether or not it can be used in combination with underfloor heating. While many homeowners just love the look and feel of fibers, they?re equally worried about the need to heat a space adequately. Indeed, there are certainly other types of floors they can get, but when you have your heart set on that warm, inviting material like no other, it can be a big disappointment to have to choose between the two.

Underfloor heating and soft surfacing ? Yay or nay?

Simply put, the answer is yes, you can install underfloor heating over fiber flooring. However, to do so, you must keep in mind the following guidelines.

  • ?Inform the flooring experts you plan on getting underfloor heating. Not only will this affect the amount of material you?ll need for the room but also what type of installation you can have that allows for appropriate heat transmission.
  • Don?t take chances on purchasing your flooring with an online-only store, as you?ll never truly know what you?ll end up with. Some companies use a liability disclaimer that places the responsibility on you, the buyer, to choose the right material, even though the description may claim it?s compatible with underfloor heating. Visiting a showroom in person is the only way to assure you get a personalized experience and the right floors.?

  • Talk to industry experts who know exactly what you need. He underlay and soft surfacing should not exceed a combined TOG value of 2 ? maybe, 2.5 TOG, depending on what your heating supplier says. As such, it?s essential to speak to flooring specialists who know these values.
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