At Floorz, one thing that we get excited about is carpet. There are so many different types and colors and styles, and we love this stuff, and we think you will too! Come by and let us show you around our Fort Meyers, FL showroom, and show off a little bit.

So, what is the excitement all about? Is this a product you should consider?

The answer, we believe, is yes. Think about it, while most flooring is made up of hard surfaces, carpet is soft and comfortable underfoot. It also adds a level of insulation underfoot. Of course, in our part of Florida, we don’t have to worry much about cold floors in the winter — we will leave that for the northern states to suffer with, but a concrete or tile floor can get cool underfoot, and carpet flooring fixes that problem in a snap.

Styles and colors galore

Hey, and when it comes to colors and styles, nothing gives you more options than carpet. Color choices range from the beige family to bold reds, greens, and browns. There are even products with variegated coloring, breaking up the colors to the eye. And there is a patterned rug to boot. Can things get better than that? Indeed, they can!

There is also a wide range of styles when it comes to carpet floors. There are traditional twists, sheer saxonies, textured friezes, and the indomitable shag. Yes, the shag is back — it is beautiful, and it feels like a dream underfoot. It’s the kind of thing that you will want to be the first in your neighborhood to show off; that’s what we would do anyway.

If a tufted rug is not your cup of tea, then there are always loop-pile carpet flooring. These include Berbers, commercial pieces to choose from, and many patterned rugs come in this sort of pile. Some of the patterned rugs combine both the loop and cut pile to form an attractive pattern. The possibilities are endless.

At Floorz, your satisfaction is our first aim. Our design consultants and associates will walk alongside you, offering you our personalized service in every way that is helpful. Our goal is not just to sell you flooring but also to build a relationship and earn the privilege of being recommended. Our showroom is in Fort Myers, but we also serve the surrounding areas of Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Lehigh, and Estero, FL; we’d love to help you as well. Give us a call or stop by; let’s talk carpet.