Here's why hardwood flooring is an affordable choice

Here's why hardwood flooring is an affordable choice

When you think about affordable flooring choices, hardwood floors may be last on the list for good reasons. However, the overall experience may save you money, even with a higher upfront price, for affordable floors.

The best thing about these products is that you aren?t likely to replace them as long as you own your home. Hardwood flooring adds excellent value that can be used in equity or resale potential, depending on your plans.

The most extended lifespan in flooring

Depending on your chosen products, most flooring needs replacement after three to 20 years. But when you select the best wood floors in Ft. Myers, FL, you may never have to replace your flooring again.

Hardwood floors can last more than 100 years with professional installation and regular upkeep. Choosing the suitable species, sealant, and texture is essential, as refinishing the surfaces when necessary.

Maintenance and care are more affordable than replacement

Refinishing is necessary once every seven to ten years under normal circumstances, which is usually cheaper than replacing all the surfaces in your home. The process takes some time but gives the appearance of brand-new flooring, especially if you choose new hardwood flooring colors and textures.

We cater to your flooring needs

At Floorz, we offer an outstanding product selection and stand behind all our products. If you're ready to transform your space, whether one room or an entire home, we're here to work alongside you for the best results.

You can visit our showroom in Ft. Myers, FL, whenever you're ready to start your remodel, and we'll be here to help. Our service areas include Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Lehigh, and Estero, and we look forward to providing you with the best hardwood flooring for your home.