Pet-friendly carpet in a Fort Myers, FL home from Floorz

What are the options for pet-friendly carpet?

We love our fur-babies, but they can be hard on floors, what with cats who mistake the carpet flooring for scratching posts and dogs who think the living room is great outdoors. Plus, there's the drooling, toppled water dishes, shedding and dragging mud, dirt, and moist leaves in from the outside.

You'll need something with extra durability and stain resistance, and you'll see that there's a large assortment from which to choose, all with beautiful designs and patterns when you come into our carpet store in Fort Myers, FL.

SmartStrand: even tested with a rhino!

When Mohawk Industries was developing its SmartStrand line, it was extensively tested before being brought to market. SmartStrand, which used the Triexta fiber with permanent stain resistance built into the fiber, and some say is stronger than nylon, spent two weeks lining the cage of a 5400-pound rhinoceros, which is larger than a Ford F250 truck and 135 4-year-olds!

At the end of the period, there was no damage to the rug, and any mess was hosed off easily with warm water. Max, the rhino, had a weight that equaled 337 pug dogs, so it's safe to say this is fine for pets.

Other options include:

  • Shaw Carpets' Bellera Collection: This was specifically designed for pet parents with built-in stain resistance, extra durability, and sustainability to keep your home free of chemicals to keep healthy pets and kids.
  • Karastan Delicate Path Collection: This includes built-in stain resistance, durability, and the SmartStrand Reserve All Pet Protection & Warranty, the only pet-friendly carpet protection system that covers all pets, all accidents all the time.
  • Commercial grade carpets: These low pile carpets come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that appeal to homeowners.
  • Fibers: Nylon is ultra-strong, while polyester and olefin have inherent stain resistance.
  • Low pile rugs: These are easier to keep clean and more durable, so you see them in busy offices and other commercial installations.

You?ll appreciate our personalized service

Especially when you're looking for that just-right carpet for both you and the fur-babies, come into the Floorz showroom--and we'll also give you a free quote-- in Fort Myers, Fl. We also service Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Lehigh, and Estero.