Low pile carpet in a Fort Myers, FL sitting area

What does carpet ?pile? mean?

As you shop for the best carpet flooring for your home, you are sure to hear the term ?pile? at some point. If you are not sure what this term means, we would be happy to explain it briefly, so follow along with today's posts for some answers to this question.

Carpet pile and what it means for you

The carpet pile refers to the fibers of this soft surface without including the backing material. Different terms are associated with this, including pile height and pile weight, referring to height, density, and weight.

High pile flooring is also described as tall and loose and includes the well-known shag flooring, which is long and cozy to the touch. Low pile is shorter, less soft, contains fibers with tighter loops, and includes styles such as Berber.

Loop pile describes fibers that have not been cut after being passed through the backing for an attractive option. Cut pile is that which has been cut so that each fiber group stands up on its own.

Both loop and cut pile can be combined in the same rug to create both texture and design. But it also adds fantastic comfort in whatever room you install it.

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