Luxury vinyl plank flooring in a Fort Myers, FL kitchen

What?s trending in luxury vinyl planks?

What?s trending in luxury vinyl planks

A big part of being able to give you the best service is that we stay on top of the things that are trending in flooring. You don?t need to follow a trend, yet sometimes hearing what others are doing can help you decide on what you want to do. Perhaps you will set your trend. So, if you are curious, here are a few things that are trending right now in luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Varied width boards

Just as natural hardwood can be purchased in various plank widths, so can vinyl plank. With this in mind, it has become very popular to vary the width of the board from row to row to add some variety to the style and break up the regular pattern that the eye sees. For instance, you might intersperse 9? width planks with a 6? plank floor.

Varied colors

Another trending option is to vary the shades of flooring somewhat between rows. You might choose a box that contains boards several shades darker or lighter (or both) than your primary floor color. Then these colors are interspersed within the floor. It makes for a very striking look.

Making a room look bigger

Room size is often more of an optical illusion than anything else. Thus, lighter colors will make your room feel larger as will very wide planks. Add to that a variation in LVP board widths for a truly unique flooring look.


You can do pretty much anything with a vinyl plank that you can do with hardwood. So, imagine installing the wood at a 45-degree angle to the walls to give your room a little added dimension. Perhaps have a border installed around the outside in a contrasting shade of flooring. Your options abound.

Meet our luxury vinyl flooring experts

Sometimes it sure can be easier to decide if you have someone with whom you can talk things through. You know, not a salesperson who is just there to earn a commission, but someone who will listen to you and can offer you good advice in a non-pushy way. At Floorz, we try and be that kind of person. We want to give you our complete attention and personalized service whether it takes you ten minutes or ten months to decide on what you want to do with your flooring.

The key is you. Our designers will be happy to give you input and listen as long as it takes to find a style that you truly love. Our showroom is in Fort Myers, FL, but we also serve the surrounding areas of Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Lehigh, and Estero, FL. Give us a call and discover the difference that our personalized service can make with your next LVP flooring purchase.
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