Luxury vinyl plank installed over concrete slab in a Ft Myers, FL home

Can luxury vinyl planks be installed over a concrete slab?

Yes, and that?s one of the questions we hear most often is about luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Most homes in Florida don't have basements so, rather than an actual concrete subfloor, the concrete is a slab-on-grade, meaning no basement floors and no walls.

The slab needs to be free of debris, as dry as possible and level. The LVP needs to be thick enough so imperfections don?t telegraph through, and then you?ll be fine.

You?ll also need to consider if you have moisture concerns; if so, a moisture-barrier will be recommended.

Is a concrete slab the same as a subfloor?

Not always, but it can be depending upon the foundation grade; here, it?s slab-on.

When you decide to go with LVP, make sure you speak with an experienced flooring pro.

At Floorz, we also have a strong philosophy of personalized service, so we?ll ask you a ton of questions and we?ll welcome yours. That way, we?ll be able to guide you to the very best product.

More on LVP Flooring

LVP is a form of luxury vinyl. The other is tile (LVT) With planks, images are taken with 3D photography so they are remarkably clear. The vinyl is then cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood planks.

It comes in an assortment of colors and species so you can have all the trends, including the farmhouse/rustic style that's so popular right now. Textures are also big, and you can get them to look wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, or distressed. Finishes are available in matte, gloss, or high gloss.

This vinyl has multiple layers that, combined with the thick, clear, aluminum oxide sheet on top, protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. Spills sit at the top and wipe off easily; regular maintenance includes regular sweeping and a periodic mopping.

Installation is fast and uncomplicated.

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