Planning for a flooring installation in a Fort Myers, FL home

Can vinyl plank flooring be used in a garage?

Yes, and LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is ideal for use in garages, mainly since many now use them also as playrooms, rental apartments, workshops, and more. But, of course, this requires flooring with a high-end style, waterproof capabilities, and durability. Just be sure the surface is clean, dry, and level. At Floorz, we're known for our exceptional personalized service, so feel free to speak to our experts if you ever have any questions.

What is a luxury vinyl plank?

If you haven't looked at vinyl flooring in a while, you're in for a delightful surprise. LVP is a luxury vinyl (LVF) cut into long strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood. (The other form is LVT when it's cut into groutable squares.)

LVF is a premium yet affordable product that is so realistic even the flooring experts sometimes have difficulty telling that from genuine materials, but your wallet will know. Inspired by nature, true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile are taken with 3D photography and are clear and vibrant with knots, swirls, grains, veining variations, and colorful patterns. These floors also have micro beveling and embossing to add depth, dimension, and textured looks.

Extreme durability

This is a layered product, five times thicker than standard sheet vinyl. At the top is a clear, strong, melamine coating that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. It is also completely waterproof, whether in plank or tile form. True LVF should measure at least 8-mm in thickness, with a 20-mils wear layer (the top coating.)

These floors are straightforward to care for with only a regular (daily, if possible) sweeping and a periodic mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner that avoids waxy, shine-promoting cleaners as they can damage the finish and dull the floor. Installation can also be easy, especially when it's a floating floor where the pieces click together, mat, and then hover over the subfloor.

Floorz will help change your space with our extensive inventory of high-quality, affordable flooring. To learn more about vinyl plank flooring in Fort Myers, FL, visit our showroom. In addition, we work with homeowners and businesses in and near Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Lehigh, and Estero and provide free LVP flooring quotes.