Carpet rolls ready for a Fort Myers flooring installation

Do you need carpet padding?

Yes, carpet padding is a vital part of the installation. You can?t see it, but padding provides an essential function. It protects the rug from the bare surface, withstands the impact of heavy furniture and foot traffic, helps reduce sound, and provides some thermal insulation. It also makes your carpet?a lot comfortable on which to walk, providing that bouncy, cushiony feeling.

Not all padding is the same

This is an area where our personalized service is truly critical. Big Box stores are known for putting random carpet padding in a bag and saying, ?It?s good,? but not all padding works for every rug. Some can even be too thick and harmful.

Two key metrics are thickness and weight. Padding should not be thicker than 7/16-inch nor thinner than ?-inch. Weight is usually around six pounds, but sometimes a rug will require padding to be thinner with a heavier weight. These are general rules, but, typically, a heavily trafficked area, such as an office, will require less thickness and more weight.

For the home, areas like the living area and bedroom are places where you might be able to use a thicker pad. On the other hand, the Berber-style, a popular choice for any residential room, has a recommended thickness of ?-inch thick with an eight-pound weight, a standard set by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

Types of padding

There are many materials from which to select, but they all have different characteristics. These include re-bonded foam, which is exceptionally durable, cost-effective, and possibly the most popular. It?s recycled, so that also makes it eco-friendly.

Prime foam is firm but has air pockets, so it tends to sink easily and is not the best choice for busy rooms. Memory Foam is foam with the extra memory element added. It?s comfortable and durable but may not work well for active rooms. Fiber padding is a combination of nylon, polyester, and felt. These cushions are durable and best for looped, Berber-styles, and any level of foot traffic.

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