Grey luxury vinyl plank flooring in a Ft Myers master bedroom

Does luxury vinyl plank increase home value?

Yes, LVP is a terrific alternative if you want the look of wood, but at a more budget-friendly price.

It?s just a matter of looking at the overall picture a little differently. While wood floors last longer, the price of vinyl planks are less, so it all evens out. Also keep in mind that floors that up the most square footage in a room, so they're highly visible. If you plan to sell, they're usually one of the first things potential buyers look at. Nothing will make them run faster than a worn-out floor!

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How is luxury vinyl plank made?

This is such a realistic mimic of hardwood that most have trouble discerning the difference.

The images are taken with 3D photography so the photo is clear and accurate, with vibrant colors and patterns. Every knot, grain, veining, and swirl is shown. It embossed to give the floor depth and dimension. Textured appearances, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, or distressed are available.

Then the vinyl is cut into strips to mimic hardwood boards. It?s then finished with a matte, gloss or high-gloss finish. Glossy wood floors are in all the design pages, so you can bet they?re in the minds of potential buyers.

Local or big-box stores?

When you consider that flooring is one of the biggest, if not the biggest investments you?ll make in your home, you?ll want to get it right the first time. It?s also a major expression of personal style.

It?s a myth that big boxes have more inventory; since they are usually part of the corporate clog, they can only display what sells the fastest. Prices are also set by corporate, so there?s no freedom to discount or give specials at will.

We not only have the highest quality inventory but if you don't see it, we'll order it for you. Unlike big-boxes which are popular after-school jobs, we have a staff of flooring experts who will advise you every step of the way. If you have a question, you can be sure we'll answer it.

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