Close up carpet texture in a Fort Myers, FL home

How to understand carpet texture

One of the biggest appeals of carpet flooring is that it provides cushiony, warm surfaces underfoot. Plush may seem like the clear texture choice, but keep in mind that texture is determined by style, and your choice of technique depends upon the room and how you plan to use it.

Whew! That can be overwhelming, but Floorz, with our superior personalized service, will help you sort it all out at our carpet store in Fort Myers, FL.

First, a rug anatomy lesson

You'll hear the word pile a lot, which means how the yarn is attached to the backing. All start as a straight loop (like the straight or level loop), and they either stay that way or are cut into various heights and sometimes even twisted. For example, authentic cut pile rugs have short, even yarns that stand up, but there can also be high and low piles.

What is a plush textured carpet?

Here, the yarns are smooth, even, and densely packed. This texture is visually appealing and durable, coming in an extensive color palette and style collection, making it suitable for most decors.

An example would be Saxony Straight (also sometimes referred to as Saxony Velvet). While it?s a type of cut pile, the yarns are a little longer, and it comes in two versions, one with a soft, velvety feeling and most suitable for more format atmospheres. Because the yarns go in the direction only, it has a reflective quality that shows footprints and vacuum marks. Some may prefer to use it in low foot traffic rooms. The other Saxony is called "Texture" or "Trackless" because the threads go in all directions, eliminating marks.

Other texture/styles include Frieze, which has long fibers so tightly twisted they curl; cut and loop, which uses the variations to create patterns and textures and level (straight) loops or Berber-styles.

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