Berber style carpet in a Cape Coral, FL home

What is Berber carpet?

A true Berber-style is a carpet with an overall light color with brown or gray flecks. It gets its name from the weaving style of the Berber people of North Africa, and it's versatile for any decor, from the most formal living and dining area to the family room and home library. Berber rugs feature a looped construction made from olefin fiber and are durable and budget-friendly.

At Floorz, we have a strong philosophy of offering personalized service. We know shopping for carpet flooring can be a little overwhelming, but it's important not to get distracted and focus on getting the right one for your needs. Since style, construction, texture, and fiber are all related and affect performance and longevity, so feel free to come into our showroom to learn more.

The difference between the high and low carpet pile

Pile means how the fibers are cut, and they can be at varying heights and effect texture. This is important to understand because pile also affects both appearance and performance; depending on your needs and desires, one height may be more preferred than the other.

High pile rugs, with their long loose fibers, include the shag and frieze. Low pile rugs, like the Berber-style, are soft, feature short, tightly woven threads, are easier to clean, and tend to be somewhat more durable, especially since their fibers aren't long enough, won't get caught in vacuum cleaners.

What is a Berber/looped construction?

Large, uncut loops of varying sizes make this carpet type denser and more resistant to stains than others. Modern Berbers can now be available in solid colors, as opposed to the flecked version. As the looped construction became more popular, the color palette widened; while it is still called Berber, the name now refers only to the looped style and not the color.

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