Low pile carpet in a Fort Myers, FL home

What?s the best carpet for high traffic areas?

We believe strongly in personalized service, so whether you?re shopping for soft or hard surfaces, know that we'll ask you plenty of questions. The more information we have, the better we can point you to the right flooring for you. If your living room is the center of family activity, we'll suggest carpet with a low pile since these rugs are best for high traffic areas, such as living/family rooms, dining areas, and possibly kids? rooms.

What is a rug pile, and why does it matter?

When rug fibers are cut, the yarns can be of varying lengths.? A low pile rug means the fibers are short and tightly woven.? High fibers rugs, like the shag, have long loose fibers.? It matters because low pile rugs are easier to vacuum; there?s no place for dirt or grime to hide. They can be soft and in distinctive patterns and vibrant colors and are so flat and close to the ground, there?s almost no chance of tripping. Some even feel the shorter yarns make them more durable.

You?ll also always see low pile rugs in busy commercial spaces like offices and are a good choice for indoor stairs where people and pets run up and down all day long.? Stairs have the additional priority of safety, and a low pile rug also provides a solid foundation for the foot and wraps securely around railings.

Focusing on carpet for your Fort Myers home

When you shop for carpet flooring, you?ll see hundreds of rolls and samples, all from various mills. That can be distracting, but always stay focused on your needs. Buying the right rug for the correct installation goes a long way toward appearance, performance, and longevity.

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